Wednesday 28/5/14

Todays update is short and sweet down to 84 kg, bust: 107cm, waist: 93cm and hips: 110 cm so all going well so far.



Just a quick update on my measurements. I now weigh 85.5 Kgs and now measurements are as follows.

Bust: 107, waist: 93 cm and Hips: 113 Thats about it, I have been to the gym  once since surgery but have had other  things get in the way since. I have lost motivation to  keep moving as its gotten considerably colder here in the last few weeks. My  lupus palys up when its cold and everything hurts, so adding  workout pain to the mix  is unbearable. I am losing slowly but steadily and the cms are reducing so its working. I am happy so far with my progress despite the lack of motivation.  So till next time  stay safe and well and keep up the weight loss fight.

Measurement Day Sunday 13/04/2014

Today I weigh 88 kgs and I took my measurements 4 weeks from when I came home from  Brisbane and 6 weeks since op.  So heres the verdict.

Bust: 110 cm  Waist: 95 cm  Hips: 115 cm. 

So I have lost some  cm, and thats without exercise as I have contracted the horrid Gastroenteritis virus and have been ill for a week on and off the loo and spewing.  Cant think how it will go when I am strong enough again to  exercise and walk the dog. Hubby wants to try out swimming a few times a week so that will be fun and  low impact exercise for me too. Not much to report  due to  being sick. I hope when this is over I will have more exciting things to talk about


Monday update 7/4/14

Making this short and sweet  as I have had a bad case of gastro and do not feel well at all. I am now sitting at 89.5 KG  and apart from the gastro I am feeling  really good about my losses so far. Having a skype session with the surgeon tonight to see how things are going so I will ask about when I can go back to the gym. Soon, I hope. I really hoped to have a nice long walk on the weekend but alas the gastro hit and I never got my walk. so thats it for me for thisweek. Keep up the fight against obesity and stay well.

Monday 31/3/2014

Well today I am down to 91 kg’s thats a kilo a week, which is  ok but I am not as active as I want to be yet. I think it’s time to get of my butt and do some walking and get things moving. I cant wait to be able to go back to the gym and do some serious exercise, but I am not allowed yet.  I have an exercise bike in front of me that I SHOULD be using but I just cant seem to get motivated.  My dad is getting married in 8 weeks time, and I really want to look nice for it. I dont want to look like the lump in  the room. So, I guess I have to get moving.  I will do measurements when I get to  my  1 month anniversary from being home. I have had many compliments already on my weightloss, but I dont see it yet Anyway thats todays rant. see you next week,  Keep up the  fight against obesity and stay strong.

Sunday Update 23/3/2014

Its been 2 yrs since I did my measurements. As of today I am Bust 114cm, Waist 99cm and Hips 122cm. I am now 92kgs  a loss of 1 kg since  my last post. Its slow but at least its coming off. I have been a little off this last week trying to get my food intake right and  balancing what my new tummy agrees with and what it doesn’t. I have had a few dizzy spells after anything too sweet, and 1 episode of dumping. All in all I am getting better with each new day. Was going to have an afternoon nap today but an inconsiderate neighbor has his music on so loud you’s wake the dead, So, no nap!!. So till next week have a good week.

Friday 14/3/2014

Ok Home from Qld after my surgery stayed with a good friend for a week to recover. Have spent the last 2 weeks on liquids and runny foods, and now starting soft mash. Today I decided to have some boiled smashed egg with aoli to cream it up. I had about 1/3 of a cup ful and I am totally full. It tasted so good too. I started out at 103 kg before the operation and now I am 93 so I am so happy with results so far. I am only going to weigh myself once a week, so until next friday, it will be a surprise. Hope it keeps coming off this time.

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